What Is Required After Posting Bail?

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Nobody wants to be in jail, so it makes sense that many people are looking for the first opportunity to get out of jail. Getting bailed out is a fantastic way to move forward with your life, especially when you have loved ones who can secure your freedom with a bail bond professional.

If you are bailing a loved one out of jail, you might wonder what this person can and cannot do while they are out of jail. This is what you need to know.

Your Loved One May Be Required to Hold a Job

Your loved one's release from jail may include a stipulation that he or she needs to work. The specific parameters of the work may vary from case to case.

The reasoning behind this is that it encourages defendants to stay out of trouble. It helps some people avoid crimes like theft, for instance. Working also shows the court that the defendant is being a productive member of society and creating positive patterns in life.

Your Loved One May Not Leave the State

Most people who are out of jail and awaiting trial are able to travel around the state. In most cases, your loved one is not allowed to leave the state without the explicit permission of the court. Additionally, a bail bond agent may be required to provide permission depending on the state and the bail amount. Additionally, international travel is typically not allowed at all for an individual out on bail.

This is to keep the defendant from fleeing. It also prevents an individual from missing a court date due to travel issues.

Your Loved One May Be Told to Attend Meetings

Upon release on bail, an individual may be required to attend meetings, including those related to Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. This is typically the case if the defendant is facing charges related to drinking, like a DUI or domestic violence charge brought on by substance abuse. The defendant may also be told to avoid bars.

Your Loved One Cannot Miss a Court Date

Most importantly, the defendant cannot miss a single court date. Missing even a single court date could mean that your loved one has to return to jail and await trial behind bars.

Got Questions? Speak With a Bail Bond Professional

Your next step is to call a bail bond agency. The agency can provide more information about the rules for bailing your loved one out of jail.

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