Ringing In The New Year Right: 4 Resolutions You Might Actually Keep, With The Help Of A Personal Loan

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Many people make resolutions for the new year; however, few actually keep them. One major hurdle most people face is money, or the lack thereof. If you're tired of making resolutions you just don't keep and want to give yourself a better chance of success this year, consider the ways in which a personal loan could help you. These common resolutions may become more attainable, with a few more dollars in your pocket or bank account:

1. Straighten Out Your Finances

Especially if you have a number of credit cards, each with their own unreasonable interest rate, a personal loan could pay them all off, leaving you with one simple bill to pay each month. If you are able to secure a personal loan with a great interest rate, you'll actually save money on it, as opposed to paying off each credit card with the higher rate.

If you're behind on any bills, such as rent or your car payment, a personal loan will help you bring them up to speed, eliminating a lot of stress in your life. While a personal loan is, yet, another financial obligation, it can streamline all (or a significant portion of) your debt into one neat package.

2. Lose Weight

One of the most common and oft failed New Year's resolutions is to lose weight or get into shape, but one of the primary reasons people fail is having too much to do and too much stress along the way. If a personal loan could help you (finally) straighten out your finances, thereby freeing you of much of the stress you're under, would you then be more capable of seriously approaching a healthier diet? Do you snack frequently or overeat, because it soothes stress? If so, you're certainly not alone. Stress eating is a nemesis to many New Year's dieters and most people under constant stress never get on the right eating track.

3. Learn Something New

If your financial house generally tends to be in order, good for you, but will you still be able to keep a resolution to learn something new? Can your budget fit tuition for a few classes or all the equipment needed to take up pottery? A personal loan, especially one for someone with a good credit rating, fits nicely into an organized budget, without overloading it. You should be able to sign up for that child psychology or cryptocurrency course you've been wanting to take, keeping your New Year's resolution.

4. Get A New Job

If you're stuck in a job you can't stand, but afraid to make the move to a new one, consider how a personal loan can boost your wardrobe, boosting your image and thus, your confidence level, propelling you onto the interview scene. A loan might also enable you to move to a new location where there are more jobs. Getting a new job can lift you up in so many ways, including financially; thus, if you have your eye on a new career, but aren't able to really go for it without a financial infusion, a personal loan could be the wisest decision you'll ever make.

Don't let another year pass with resolutions forgone or forgotten. Promise yourself you'll do what it takes, but be sure to set yourself up for success to begin with. Insufficient funds hold people back, so if a personal loan could propel you further, seriously think about getting one. Hopefully, next year, you can look back on this one and say, "Yes! I did it."