How To Sell Your Gold

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If you have gold jewelry or scrap jewelry in your home, you may want to sell it for a profit. It is important that you know who to sell it to and how much it is worth so you don't get less than what you deserve. Here are some helpful tips for selling your gold.

Know What the Gold is Worth

Any time you are planning on selling gold, you should start by finding out its value. Don't just go based on what that gold would be worth if it were new, but actually get an appraisal on the gold. This is important when you have a rare jewelry item, or gold that also has diamonds or gemstones included in it. Otherwise, just regular gold is going to go based on the type of gold and weight. You can determine the value by first finding out the type of gold, such as 14k or 22k. Next, you will need to weigh it with a digital scale. Compare the weight of it to current gold values to figure out what it should be worth.

Decide On the Method of Selling the Gold

Once you know what type of gold you have and what it is worth, you need to decide how to sell it and who you want to sell it to. You have many different options available, from local buyers to online ones. The benefit of online gold buyers is that they are plentiful and you can find a gold buyer that purchases any type of gold. However, local buyers are good to deal with since they will look at your gold upfront and provide you with a realistic quote based on their initial assessment. Either way you go, make sure you research the gold buyers thoroughly before choosing one. Also know the difference between a gold dealer and a pawn shop, as the amount you get for your gold will be much different.

Avoid Taking the First Offer

Unless you are sure your first offer is fair compared to the value of your gold, it is a good idea to get multiple offers and compare them. There may be a dealer who is looking for the exact type of cable necklace you have and is more than willing to pay a little more than the other dealers. Even online dealers will offer fair offers and are willing to send payment, along with easy instructions for sending the gold to them, after agreeing to the transaction.

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